PGH Give Camp 2021 NonProfit Registration

We'll be accepting project submissions through the end of October, however please submit your projects as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of being selected.

Accepted projects will be determined and organizations notified by November 10.

We plan to hold Give Camp in person this year - this will be subject to change according to any local ordinances, CDC guidelines, or site requirements.  

Successful Give Camp projects typically have the following things in common:
  • Well-defined business purpose and goal - the project serves a specific team, department or function vs a general idea. Examples build website forms to support a new initiative; implement Salesforce for donor management
  • Organization has already done some work to establish project scope - Team members have mapped work processes, created a site map, organized data, defined form inputs, etc.
  • Has a beginning and end point - the build and associated user/constituent experience have a clear start and end. Example: Donor comes to website (start) and receives recognition form (end)
  • Change Management - organization has the capability to manage the build after Give Camp, resources to train additional team members, can follow documentation easily, etc
Please be thoughtful in your project request - consider your organizations ability to fully adopt, implement, train, maintain, etc. as you define your project.

We require at least one representative from your organization being present and available for all 3 days of Give Camp - Friday ~6-9PM, Saturday ~9AM-Finish, Sunday ~9am-3pm (or finish).